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Off Road in Madeira Island

Madeira Island is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and has a maximum length (west-east) of 53.90 km and a maximum width (north-south) of 23 km (source Wikipedia), very small comparing to continental places, but if we go around the Island seeing its main routes this number can rise at least 100 times, and you know why? Because Madeira has completely rugged terrain and because of these attracts thousands of people annually to make safaris and tours in 4×4 vehicles.
As a way of leisure for the locals and as well as for those who visit the Island, this way of knowing the region is extremely special, even because it is considered one of the best ways to know Madeira’s entrails leading to roads that cars without this resource ( traction 4×4) could not even reach. At the invitation of my friend Nuno Nunes, of Madeira Adventures, we got to know a “trail” with the best known off road mark in the world, the legendary Land Rover. Nuno in his beautiful and robust Defender 90 leads us to enter this world.

We began to discover beautiful landscapes entering Portela and crossing several paths where beauty enchants. Difficult passages and rugged terrains that show, such as the tree fern, vegetation super present on the Island that demonstrates the fantastic quality of the air inside the beautiful Laurissilva Forest, endemic and rich in vegetative species.

Although used the name Safari, it should not be misinterpreted, because in this Island so far from the continent there are not so many animals like that, however it is not difficult to find several entrances to footpaths, walking trails on bicycles and even places of leisure and socializing for families who can enjoy an intense contact with nature.


Our ride has 35km off road and what we did not lack was thrill.

Not to mention the breathtaking views. My tip is: when you come to Madeira be sure to book a day for you and your group. Nuno organizes exclusive itineraries for you, your family and friends to have a special experience on Madeira Island.