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Madeira Island in pandemic times

The only way to get to Madeira is to arrive by plane. Yes, of course you can arrive with your sailboat or yacht, as you can arrive by swimming (if you have the breath for that), but in general, the way to get to Madeira is through the airport.
And in pandemic times, this is a great advantage, because it makes it much easier to control the virus within the territory.

The islands of Madeira and Porto Santo became a pioneering destination in the fight against COVID-19, as it was the first region in Portugal to have a Contingency Plan for Emerging Infections, and developed a document of good practices, in addition to creating a platform online to register travelers.

Madeira had an exemplary stance in combating the coronavirus pandemic. It acted quickly to control the virus in its territory, and thus had a low record of the number of infected people.
Madeira currently has a controlled pandemic, with a low rate of infection and active cases, according to data published by the Regional Health Authority.

With the reopening of the airport and to ensure the safety of tourists and residents, Madeira created a “green corridor”. What does that mean? It means that whoever presents an exam with a negative result for Covid-19 is released, not needing to quarantine, as long as the exam was performed within 72 hours before disembarkation. The government of Madeira also offers free tests to passengers who do not take the exam.

People who have already been vaccinated or who have recovered from the disease less than 90 days can also enter Madeira, without the need for testing and confinement. It is necessary to prove your current condition, either through proof of vaccination for Covid-19 or proof of having recovered from the disease less than 90 days ago. Documents must be submitted to the application before the trip.

Considered one of the safest destinations in Europe, based on recognized proven criteria, the Madeira Region was able to combine safety and leisure, providing its visitors with a peaceful and comfortable vacation or business visit, living up to the title of Best Island Destination of the world.

Madeira Island is committed to positioning itself as a safe destination and is working together with SGS, a world leader in certification, to ensure best practices throughout the archipelago, in order to minimize the risk of COVID- 19.

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