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Madeira, a great place to taste wines

We know that Madeira Wine is very well know worldwilde, and exported to different parts of the world, but the Island doesn´t only produce this kind of wine. There is also the traditional wine that, because the climate is mild climate and great clarity during most of the year, creating perfect conditions for producing this wine full of flavor.

We are talking about “Terras do Avô” Wines, that have a special flavor because their grapes are planted and harvested right next to the sea.


“Terras do Avô” (Seixal Wines) is a family business founded in 2008 by the patriarch, Mr. Duarte, and today sells 4 types of wines (2 whites and 2 reds) and a sparkling wine (the only one produced on the island) that came from the idea of celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. Its main area of vines is in Seixal, with 31 growi spaces on the north coast and only 01 on the south coast – due to the climatic conditions.

And speaking of him, Mr Duarte, 75 years old, the father of Sofia, Filipa, and Duarte, tells me that he began to grow grapes in a space of 900 square meters in 1999 in the lands inherited from his father, so his children gave the name of the wine “Terras do Avô” (“Grandfathers Land”). In our visit the family atmosphere prevails, where sitting on a beautiful balcony with wonderful view of the Seixal beach, the gentleman points out that he prizes for the quality and never for the quantity, even throwing away 30% of the grapes that don´t mature in the right time only leading to the production of those that have size and strong robustness.

The label of this Wine was created by the plastic artist Marco Fagundes and when rectangular characterizes that they are wines of traditional harvest, but when they are round is because they are of special crops (it´s the tip at the time of the purchase).


The company organizes 5 types of Wine tasting (previous booking) ranging from € 17.50 to € 36.50, where in addition to sampling the best breeds you can still enjoy delicious Portuguese delicacies (this time grandma’s recipes) made personally by Sofia, daughter of the creator, who tells us full of pride in one of the most beautiful views of the North Coast of the Island.


I was passionate about the history and flavor of what I tasted and I can say: it´s an excellent experience to get to know a regional product with the unmatched quality of the products made in Madeira.

Text: Fabricio Lacerda