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Cabo Girão

If you have seen some photos of Madeira, you know that here is a place of beautiful landscapes. We are in a mountainous region and from the top we always have the best views.

Our tour today takes us to a very touristy and very turning place (“giro” here in Portugal means legal, nice) as it is said here in Portugal. In the popular language Cabo is Land Tip  (Ponta de Terra ) that advances in the sea (source, nevertheless I speak of Cabo Girão cliff (Cliff is a geographic accident constituted by a steep slope or vertical. Terms refer to coastal formations).

Of course, talking about this may not seem so special, but imagine when the man decides to challenge nature and set up a glass platform on top of Europe’s highest promontory at 580 meters  altitude … that’s right, almost exactly 600 meters above sea level, could you imagine that?

In this vertiginous spectacle integrated between the challenging man and the natural beauty of the God’s Creation many radical sportsmen make jump, and Cabo Girão has already been the stage of jumps in motorcycles as in the case of the Portuguese Mario Pardo who jumped with his motorcycle and later opened his parachute in an eternalized jump by the cameras focused on the Red Bull event.

For us, more calm and contemplative, we decided to bring the whole family to know this beautiful tourist destination that welcomes groups throughout the year in the eternal Island of Spring.

It was a wonderful experience, some very scared, others delighted with the scenery, but all in love with such a cute place.

On your visit to the Island, do not forget to visit Cabo Girão, a special place that will surely be kept in your and in the whole family memory.