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Ponta de São Lourenço

Those who have visited Madeira Island know that the fort of the Island are the walks, whether in the high or low parts of the Island, the views always enchant and fill with beauty for those who are here.

Today I went with my dog, Majestade, to the eastern part of Madeira on an ordinary afternoon of a calm Sunday like any other.

For those who do not know Majesty, this mutt mongrel with a labrador was brought from Brazil and is our Labralata Remelinha, a docile and kind dog with a passion for the ball that Dani found abandoned even when we lived in Brazil. Some days she was already in love with him, he won a house, a family and never went back to the streets.

Our tour went to the most easterly part of Madeira, the Ponta de São Lourenço, a quiet walk with 8 km round trip and that has as objective to see the views of Ilhéu de Fora, and even for those who like me take your dog can enjoy pleasant moments in the house of the Cais do Sardinha Park.

This walk can be done between 2 or 3 hours – we did it in 2 in total. It does not have high elevations but may have beautiful views, something not very difficult here in Madeira. The peninsula is classified as a nature reserve and on hot days one can even bathe in the sea on a small pier.

Today we do only physical activity and have fun as we develop, but with your dog or with friends and family, a Walk is a must for anyone who comes to the Island and enjoys breathtaking landscapes.

Always remember to bring water, camera, shoes and also take a short wind because it usually winds up considerably in the region. If you have a walking stick it helps a lot as there are some stairs.

Good walk and nice photos 😉