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Pico do Arieiro

The Island of Madeira has beautiful landscapes, either by the sea or at heights above 1000 meters, Madeira impresses by its shape and geography. Today I went to see a spectacle of nature – Pico do Arieiro, famous as the stage of the best sunrise on the Island. 1818 meters of altitude where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful natural spectacles of Madeira in the middle of the Atlantic.

I went before 8 am and it was still dark (at least at sea level, where I live). The temperature was 18 degrees and was falling as I was going up and the altitude increasing, reaching to be in 3.5 degrees at the top of the mountain.

The path opened in the clouds and the signs indicated the way to the top.

At a height of 1400 meters the clouds closed the whole scene, but it was only me that approached the top of the Pico do Arieiro that the sun appeared bringing light and shine to everything around it.

From there the temperature began to increase. Then I took a short walk to a beautiful plateau to contemplate the view, see the ice of the dawn and do some selfies. It was time to return home with a grateful memory of yet another wonderful spectacle of nature.