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Madeira Theme Park

If you come to Madeira Island with the children, you can certainly not miss the Madeira Theme Park.
Located in the municipality of Santana, it is a magnificent space dedicated to the history, science and tradition of the Madeira Archipelago.
The structure of the Park has a permanent exhibition space and some temporary exhibitions that focus on the Island, whether in the historical, scientific or cultural heritage of Madeira.

The park has an area of ​​145,000 m2 and is a must see, since it is unique, within the genre, in Portugal.

The Park has as main attractions the four multimedia pavilions, they are:
“Discovery of the Islands”; “Future of the Earth”; “Fantastic Trip on Madeira”; and “A world of islands, the Islands in the World”.
A replica of the cables cars of Monte, the typical Casa de Santana, a Mill, a Labyrinth and a Lake where it is possible to ride a boat are other attractive elements of the Park, as well as a 6D simulator that fills our visit with emotion .

It is undoubtedly a mix of super attractions when one thinks of taking the little ones to know the Island in a conditioned space.
In the months of celebration and in special dates there is always a differentiated cultural program that is elaborated along with sub prefeituras of all the archipelago.
We went on party time and we loved it.

The prices vary from 1 euro per attraction to the total ticket which entitles you to enjoy all the attractions as many times as you want and varies between 5 and 6 euros depending on the age or student status.
Children under 5 years old accompanied by parents do not pay.
The operation varies between winter and summer being only an hour apart. April to October: 10am to 7pm; November to March: 10am to 6pm.
Have fun

Text: Fabrício Lacerda
Images:;; Daniele Abreu Lacerda