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Esperança Bookstore, Funchal

For those have the pleasure of reading, surely Funchal will bring you a special surprise, in addition to the nature and green that is so present in the walks around the Island.

In the center of Funchal is Esperança Bookstore, founded in 1886 by Jacintho Figueira de Sousa, the grandfather of the current administrator of the bookstore, Historically, Esperança Bookstore was the first commercial establishment in Madeira to sell only books.

In 1973 there was a need for more space and the bookstore moved to Rua dos Ferreiros, with 12,000 different books. At this time it was considered the 3rd largest bookstore in the country in terms of available supply.

Esperança Bookstore has in stock almost all books in Portuguese, that is, all edited in Portugal and many of which, having been published in Brazil, have distributors in Portugal.

Once a title is sold, it is immediately restored until it is defined as sold out by the publisher, being the only Funding Bookstore currently operating in Portugal.

Its 94,000 books are currently on display, the best way to advertise a book. 

In 1991 the Livraria Esperança Foundation was created, a Private Social Solidarity Institution (IPSS) – Declared a Public Utility, which allocates half of the income to offer books to the children of the Madeira Archipelago, in order to promote reading habits. So great!!

It was also in 1991 that Esperança Bookstore was computerized, with its internal network information system. In 1996, Esperança Bookstore acquired an old palace in front of its facilities at Rua dos Ferreiros, and the space now has 40,000 different titles on display, becoming the largest bookstore in Portugal, with more than double the titles of the second largest bookstore .

Today this number has already increased considerably … currently having about 96,000 different books on display, which makes Esperança Bookstore not only the largest bookstore in Portugal but also one of the largest bookstores in the world.

Necessary stop for those who love literature. A culture and information class in the most diverse areas of knowledge.

Text: Fabricio Lacerda

Pictures: Daniele Abreu; Gregório Cunha