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Mountain Races – Adventure and beautiful landscapes in constant challenge

We already know the benefits of running. Since prehistory, humans have been running to hunt or to get rid of predators. Today we know that besides reducing body fat, increasing cardiovascular and pulmonary quality, it also improves the sleep of those who train regularly.
With the frequent intense pace of work and people increasingly willing to leave a closed environment to gain strength and muscle tone, the race consolidates every day as the sport is strongly practiced in many places around the world.
With the increasing extension of difficulty levels in the modality several different ways to run developed.
The most beautiful way, in my opinion, is the Skyrunning, a type of race with stretches of mountain with accentuated slopes and of high technical grade. In this type of modality, the race already requires some techniques, such as small climbs, and it is very common to pass through natural landscapes, allied to the great biodiversity and geodiversity existing on the routes, which make these races one of the most spectacular mountain sports nowadays.

These races already have their own competitions and one of the most beautiful and important is MIUT, a test that crosses the Island of Madeira from one end to the other, starting in Porto Moniz, famous for its natural pools, going to the other side of the island, Machico, covering a stretch of 115km of extension, and more than 7000 meters of ascent in the sum of altimetry.
Designed for only 800 brave participants, this event is part of the UTWT 2017 ULTRA-TRAIL® WORLD TOUR calendar and will award 5 points for participation in the “Ultra-Trail® du Mont-Blanc®” (proof of great importance on the world stage). Important world names were present, as well as local athletes who, accustomed to the local geography full of slopes, feel a lot of the rugged present in this event.

In 2017 the race dropped to the 22 of April at 0h, with the first placed, the Frenchman Francois D’Haene, arrived 12 hours and 43 minutes later. The Frenchman is the current record holder of the Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc since 2014.

In addition to this test, the coordination drew smaller tests such as the MINI with 16 km and 350 meters of accumulation of altimetry. Departing from the center of the Port of Cruz, this test goes up towards the path of Larano, one of the most beautiful trails of the island. Certainly an excellent option for those intending to start participating in events like this.

The island of Madeira has several events such as MIUT, USM, Funchal Sky Running, among others that take place from winter to summer.

Text: Fabrício Lacerda

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