Monte Toboggan Wicker Sledges

Monte Toboggan Wicker Sledges have existed since 1850 and at that time were used as a means of transport to go down from Monte to Funchal… as it is a very steep descent, the sledges soon gained notoriety.

Today the Sledges are not a means of transportation, but an emblematic attraction in Madeira.

They are made of wicker and wood, produced by hand, and can take up to 3 people. They are driven by two sledge drivers (“carreiros”), dressed in white and with a straw hat, who very skillfully drive the car in rubber boots to brake when necessary. A descent of 2 km takes approximately 10 minutes.

Without a doubt, unforgettable.

The price varies according to the number of people descending … 1 person – € 25; 2 people – € 30; 3 people – € 45. Children up to 5 years old, accompanied by adults, are free.

Schedules: Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 6pm
Closed Days: August 14th and 15th; December 25th: January 1st; Good Friday and Easter Sunday

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