Meeting Canyoning Madeira

Today I will talk about one of the most important sports activities in Madeira, Canyoning.

Every year, Meeting Canyoning Madeira takes place, an international event that offers a meeting of practitioners from all over the world who come here to explore this paradise. This year, the meeting will take place from 06 to 11 June, based on the Naval Club of Seixal.

Canyoning is an adventure sport that aims to explore a river, by walking and overcoming vertical obstacles using various techniques, such as jumping and rappelling.

Of course I love the adrenaline rush that canyoning provides, but what I like the most about this activity is the possibility of being in the middle of nature, in a place that I would not be able to reach in any other way.

Madeira is considered the second best place to practice canyoning in the world, with canyoning options ranging from level 1 to level 6. This attracts many people, from beginners to more experienced practitioners.

When you come to Madeira, put canyoning on the list of things to do in Madeira. You will not regret.

Text: Dani Abreu Lacerda

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