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Climbing on the Pico do Arieiro

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Climbing on Madeira Island is something new and still with few fans. Although there is no lack of points for practice, because with a volcanic formation the Madeira Island has psychoblocs (climbing without using ropes where it falls in the sea), sports routes (up to 25 meters in height) and also classic routes like the one that we went today in this beautiful scenery that is the surroundings of Pico do Arieiro, the third greater peak of the Island, with 1818 meters of altitude.

With a basaltic formation and beautiful views around, we were in 3 friends enjoying this modality that impresses and enchants.

We could have chosen a lower place to climb, such as Ponta do Sol, Socorridos or even in São Gonçalo, but our focus was to be in close contact with nature and this was not lacking in our day.

Filipe Ferreira, Nuno Silva and myself, Fabricio Lacerda, climbed 60 meters of tracks where we had a mixed climb between already equipped places (with pythons and flip-flops) to places where our guide Filipe used mobile equipment that are fixed to the rock and later are removed by the last climber, in this case I.

It was certainly a wonderful experience and we will repeat it as soon as we can.

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