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São Vicente Caves

November 2, 2018

São Vicente caves are located in the county that has the same name, São Vicente and date back to a time when the Island … Continue reading “São Vicente Caves”

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Madeira Theme Park

May 2, 2018

If you come to Madeira Island with the children, you can certainly not miss the Madeira Theme Park. Located in the municipality of Santana, … Continue reading “Madeira Theme Park”

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Saint James Fortress

April 28, 2018

It is always wonderful to walk through Funchal. Its ancient streets (1614) always have something special to show and delight us. At the time … Continue reading “Saint James Fortress”

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Desertas Islands

March 19, 2018

Well, today I decided to talk about of one of the most beautiful expressions of beauty of the archipelago of Madeira Island – the … Continue reading “Desertas Islands”

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Cruises on Madeira Island

February 19, 2018

Funchal attracts tourists all year round. Being an island of subtropical temperatures in the middle of Europe, Madeira has visitors from all over the … Continue reading “Cruises on Madeira Island”

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Diving on Madeira Island

February 12, 2018

To be on an island full of nature is certainly a happy choice when it comes to thinking about quality of life, but imagine when … Continue reading “Diving on Madeira Island”

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