A Brasilian Luso couple that explores what the Island of Madeira and Portugal have the best.

After working with a successful company in the area of ​​tourism in Brazil, for 19 years we have focused here. We love Madeira Island and decided to change our lives to this Atlantic paradise.

A tourist animation company (license no. 442/2016 in the National Register of Agents of Tourist Animation of Portugal), which focuses on providing incredible experiences, leaving the trivial.

In our routine, safety and fun go hand in hand. Always with trained and experienced professionals, in addition to maximum safety in equipment and certifications. All this for you to experience new places and unique sensations. After all, whether on an excursion in a comfortable car on the island, on a Stand Up Paddle ride on a beautiful beach or in a radical canyoning, the important thing is that you can explore the world that exists beyond your routine.

We are sure of one thing: you deserve to live the best experiences in this Atlantic paradise.